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Resistor Color code Calculator

Number of Bands 4 Bands 5 Bands 6 Bands ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ BlackBrownRedOrangeYellowGreenBlueVioletGreyWhiteGoldSilver Calculate Resistance Resistance: ΩKΩMΩGΩ Calculate Color Code About this resistor color code calculator This resistor color code calculator is a very powerful and useful tool with a lot of features. You will need this tool in building electronic circuits. …

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LED resistor calculator

This LED resistor calculator is a useful tool to calculate the resistance value of a current limiting resistor. It can also find the color code equivalent to the calculated resistance. Normally an LED draws 20mA current at 2-3.5 volts. If the input voltage across an LED is less than its highest voltage rating then it …

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Comparison of Arduino boards

Nowadays there are many Arduino boards are available in the market. As of now, we have only discussed the Arduino UNO only. In this article, I have differentiated between some popular Arduino boards. Here you will find a detailed comparison between some Arduino boards. Now, the reason behind they launched different types of boards is …

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