Discrete Semiconductor

In this category, post about basic discrete semiconductor devices such as BJT, MOSFET etc will be there. Where i will explain working of most of power electronics devices.

MOSFET and its working

MOSFET was developed to overcome JFET’s disadvantages like high resistance, moderate input impedance, and operational speed. It operates the same as the JFET but the difference is that its gate is isolated from its channel. It is also called IGFET (insulated gate field effect transistor). Its gate is isolated using metal oxide so this is …

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JFET and its working

JFET is an active device that has three-terminal. This is a voltage controlled device. This is why we call it a junction field-effect transistor. Unlike BJT which is a bipolar (means the main collector to emitter current flow through both p-type and n-type semiconductor) device, JFET is a unipolar (current flows through either n-type or …

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What is transistor in electronics?

The transistor is a device that amplifies a signal consisting of voltage or current. It is a three terminal semiconductor device and its terminals are collector, base, and emitter. Let’s see further what is a transistor, how it works, and its applications in electronics. To understand what is transistor and its working, and its applications …

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p-n junction and diode

In this post, I will explain how a diode works and we will see its construction. But before that, it is necessary to know about p and n types of semiconductors and the formation of the p-n junction. p-n junction The p-n junction is the basic unit of many semiconductor devices such as diodes, transistors, …

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The conductivity of an intrinsic (pure) semiconductor depends on its temperature, but its conductivity at room temperature is very low.  In the same fashion, no important electronic device can be developed by those semiconductors.  Therefore, it is necessary to improve their conductivity.  This is done using impurities in those semiconductors. Doping When appropriate impurities in …

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