Passive Components

In this category, posts about electronics passive components such as capacitor, inductor, resistor etc. will be available. Where i will explain the working of all those components.

Transformer and its working

The transformer is a very useful electrical device mostly used in transmission lines to change voltage levels. It consists of two electrically isolated coil (inductor) windings. It is electrically isolated but transfers energy using a changing magnetic field. The working principle of a transformer is mutual induction between both (it can be more than two) …

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Resistor and Ohm’s law

Long before the discovery of physical devices responsible for the flow of electric current in 1828 current G. S. Om discovered a fundamental rule related to current flow. Let a conductor from which the current I  is flowing and suppose V is the potential between the ends of the conductor.  Then Ohm’s law states that V α …

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Inductor and its application

Inductors are also energy storing (passive) components like capacitors. Unlike capacitors which store energy in the form of electric field, inductors store energy in the form of magnetic field. It is a simple wire wound into a coil around a core. As we know that current flowing through a wire develops a magnetic field around …

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Capacitor and its capacitance

The capacitor is an energy-storing element like batteries. They are like a tiny rechargeable cells with very low capacity. The battery takes a long time to recharge and gives energy for a long time but in the case of capacitors, this charge and discharge process is quick. Now you can imagine where we can use …

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