About this resistor color code calculator

This resistor color code calculator is a very powerful and useful tool with a lot of features. You will need this tool in building electronic circuits. This resistor color code calculator is capable of converting color code to resistance value and resistance into color code. This calculator can calculate the resistor color code of 4 bands, 5 bands, and 6 bands resistors.

Instructions to use this resistor calculator

You have to first select the band of your resistor.

If you want to calculate the resistance of a resistor using color code then click on a band to enter the band color. After entering the band color the cursor will automatically move to the next band and it will show the valid colors only to fill in that band. You can also select any particular band to fill the color in that band only. After filling all bands’ colors click on the “calculate resistance” button.

If you want to find the color code of a resistance value then enter the resistance in the resistance input box. Then click on the “Calculate color code” button to generate equivalent the color code. It will digit band and multiplier band colors only.

It won’t give you the tolerance and temperature coefficient band color. You have to choose that by yourself according to how accurate your resistor should be. The table listed below that will help you to choose the Tolerance and temperature coefficient bands’ color.

These are the Tolerance band color values. Choose one according to your need.

These are the temperature coefficient color values.

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